Hey, Upper East Siders. It’s time to really brace for the tallest tower in the neighborhood, coming to 88th Street between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue.

The 521-foot tower, which is being designed, developed and built by DDG, got its new building permit today. The building, filling an L-shaped lot that faces both Third Avenue and 88th Street, will only contain 48 condos — which means that each one will be pretty huge. There are also going to be 16-foot ceilings, and, as for the facade, the design is contextual as far as the Upper East Side goes. It’s brick and there are rather stately decorative arches.

Here’s a shot behind the blue plywood of the construction site taken recently and the outline of the building’s footprint posted on-site:88th Curbed
And here are past renderings of the building:1558-Third-Avenue-2