Landmark pieces by the best of Brazilian design, including Sergio Rodrigues, Oscar Niemeyer, Claudia Moreira Salles, Giuseppe Scapinelli, Carlos Motta and Jorge Zalszupin, have been meticulously amassed in a striking 3-bedroom, 4.5-bath residence, located at DDG’s 12 Warren.

The incredible collection has been curated by renowned Brazilian design gallery Espasso in collaboration with established interior design firm InPlus Inc. to fully furnish and accessorize the on-the-market three-floor home. Widely known in the design and luxury worlds, with Espasso being the premier source for contemporary and mid-century Brazilian furniture design and InPlus Inc. known for its appeal to Brazilian and Latin American clients, these major players have come together to create a residence that is the perfect juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, and that evokes a warmth and comfort while appealing to a sophisticated design palette.

Treating Townhouse North as an open book, Espasso’s Carlos Junqueira and InPlus Inc.’s Cristiana Mascarenhas filled its blank pages with the history of Brazilian design while infusing the residence with warmth and a subtle flair. Vintage armchairs by Jorge Zalszupin, a limited edition Carlos Motta Koguma floor lamp, Cubos Libres coffee table by Claudia Moreira Salles and a vintage Esfera armchair by Ricardo Fasanello decorate the home’s Great Room and introduce a variety of textures and materials. A limited-edition Mole Armchair and Ottoman by Sergio Rodrigues in the adjacent office space ensures one will never leave his or her work. The home’s arresting sculptural staircase, partly finished in architectural concrete, provides an organic divide between these spaces and the expansive kitchen and dining area, as it winds its way through double-height ceilings.

Throughout the remainder of the home, one-of-a-kind Sergio Rodrigues tables and benches can be found, as well as furniture by Giuseppe Scapinelli, including lust-worthy dining chairs; an ON desk by Oscar Niemeyer; and an array of vintage items by Liceu de Artes e Ofícios, Joaquim Tenreiro and others. Artwork has been provided by the esteemed Luciana Brito Galeria and the multiple private outdoor spaces have been adorned with wish-list furnishings.

A fusion of art and history, 12 Warren’s Townhouse North brings new meaning to the term “model residence.”