The arrival of the High Line and a coinciding neighborhood rezoning has spurred a high-end real estate boom that’s still playing out across West Chelsea. Some of the city’s most prolific developers, and the world’s leading architects—including Rafael Viñoly, Isay Weinfeld, and the late Zaha Hadid—have all left their mark on the area. For it, the neighborhood has been transformed both physically and economically: an August 2016 dive by StreetEasy into apartment pricing near the High Line shows that condos along the linear park’s southern end are twice as expensive as those just one block away. The area’s cachet is undeniable, and as construction continues to boom that will become even more true.

Now, take a peek at what developments are still playing out along the 1.45-mile park—from recently launched condo projects to sites snatched by developers that are laying in wait, here’s what’s going on along the city’s most desirable stretch of real estate.

Projects include: Solar Carve, 61 Ninth Avenue, The Eleventh, 501 West 18th Street, 455 West 19th Street, Bayview Correctional Facility, 532 West 20th Street, 541 West 21st Street, Chelsea U-Haul Site, 510 West 22nd Street, Chelsea Skybox, The Fitzroy, The Getty, 500 West 25th Street, 220 Eleventh Avenue, Jardim, 520 West 28th Street, 507 West Chelsea, Soori High Line, and 515 West 29th Street.

532 West 20th Street


A single-story building that was formerly home to the Anton Kern Gallery will give way to an 11-story, nine-condo building developed, designed, constructed and managed by DDG, the folks behind projects like the bluestone-clad 12 Warren and West Broadway’s chocolate factory-to-condo conversion XOCO 325. In keeping with the developer’s other projects, it wouldn’t be out of line to guess that the building’s design—yet to be unveiled—will be far from boring.