When looking to furnish a new home or remodel your current one, some people may ask: How do I replicate that exact look I just saw? How do those spaces look so flawless? Can I get them somewhere nearby?

What will likely begin as a creative endeavor can quickly turn into an overwhelming project — whether your dilemma stems from budget limitations, an uphill battle to find Pinterest-worthy pieces or simply not knowing where to start.

In an age of instant gratification, developers and designers are increasingly turning to upscale home goods stores to design accessible residences. By bringing in brick-and-mortar retailers instead of hiring a costly, high-end interior designer, buyers can easily “shop the look” to recreate the brand’s signature style in the new home that they loved and avoid the struggle of starting from scratch.

Projects include: 88 & 90 Lexington, The Lindley, and The Standish.

The Standish

The Standish’s model home represents the first time DDG has collaborated with acclaimed storefront / showroom Matter, clothing the residence with pieces from their Matter Made line. The inspiration behind the model residence connects the building’s history and its turn-of-the-century Beaux Arts style with its East River vantage point and the desire to communicate a contemporary Brooklyn style and aesthetic. In order to create a space that acts as a refuge from the frenetic city, Matter assembled a foundation of classic materials such as brass, wood and marble, all of which picked up on the finishes and materials incorporated into the actual design of the home by DDG. They then built upon this framework of warm neutrals by playing with texture and color in a way that feels contemporary and warm and adds a pop of vibrancy.