2016 Best of Design Award for Residential > Multi-Unit: 400 Grove

Developer: DDG
Master Planner: DDG
Architect: Fougeron Architecture
Property Manager: DDG
Location: San Francisco, CA

Located in the heart of the Hayes Valley neighborhood, 400 Grove is part of a bold initiative to reconnect Hayes Valley with surrounding neighborhoods following the removal of the Central Freeway. The building’s design references the central mews typology, which set row houses around an internal alley that provided car access as well as a social place for neighbors. To strengthen the community focus of the open space, this contemporary take reframes the alley as a landscaped common area accessible only to bicycles and pedestrians. Its faceted facade echoes the classic San Francisco bay windows that are prevalent in the area.

Landscape Architect
Marta Fry Landscape Associates

Structural Engineer
Dolmen Structural Engineers

Klus Design

Wall Panels